Althariy Nirconia

Goddess of Night and Twilight

Goddess of Night and Twilight, Althâriy is not one of the Dark gods though indeed she is sometimes confused with these by those ignorant of her true nature. However, for those with knowledge of her true being, the true domain of Althâriy is the Night Eternal, and Darkness is a blasphemy and a blemish upon the true realm of the Goddess. Indeed her hatred of the Darkness may reign equal even with that of great Ariel, though her powers against it are far different.
Althâriy is the Bringer of Night, the Mistress of Twilight, and her realm is the consolation and beauty of the Shadows, the soothing of gentle dreams and forgetfulness, and the quiet mystery of the void between the stars.
As far as is known, this goddess has neither family nor offspring.


Althâriy ranks equal with Rhasa, alone of all the Gods, within the realm of shadows and stealth and concealment, and the Lays of Lore tells yet of great and daring exploits made by these two, the Lord and the Lady of the Night, as they plot and ploy together and against each other.
It is said, amongst those favoured by the Goddess, that alone of all the Gods she alone did not sleep the Sleep of the Gods when Chaos was upon the World, and that it was by her will and realm that the World was preserved from the Chaos.


The Sign of the Goddess is a stylised dark cloak, standing as if worn yet empty. She is worshipped in secret temples, at night, preferably with only the light of the stars obscuring the darkness, which is hers.
She has also been known by the Sign of the Black Raven, sometimes stylised, sometimes lent a concentrated air of patient wisdom, and sometimes with its wings outstretched and shadowing all beneath it.


The Goddess often grants those who are favoured and strong in her faith powers of concealment and stealth. Indeed those who follow her have been known to be able to infiltrate the greatest strongholds of Darkness, undiscovered and unbeknownst to those within.
To her priests and those strong in her service – as well as to other followers, as may suit her will and purpose – she brings knowledge of the nature and doings of Darkness.
She has, amongst other things and deeds, created a rather strange artefact, known as The Ring of Air and Darkness.

Althariy Nirconia

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