God of deceit

The God of Deceit is one of the twins born to the goddess Kallishandra by her father Ariel. His brother is the god Telmar.
Morlock and Telmar grew up together in the woods of the Age of Youth, when the world was as reborn from the darkness. But where Telmar turned his skills and strength to honesty and friendly work, his brother grew jealous of the darker twin and came to fear him. Thus a cleft was riven between the two who had been as one, and much strife came from this.
Morlock has ever been beautiful and seducing, his tongue is sweet and his speech convincing. He would have it, that indeed it was his brother who turned from him; but as all who have read the old scriptures know, this is not and can-not be true. Thus Morlock is today worshipped openly only in the dark city of Blackburn, and though he has follow-ers elsewhere as well, within that dark city of conceit and intrigue lies his only greater temple within the lands of the southern Eldars.
He once seduced the goddess Elanda, but her power foiled him and she bore one of the great temple knights of legend rather than the monster he had hoped for.
Morlock harbours a great contempt for most of the Darkgods, but especially for Aithane.


The aspects of Morlock are deceit, lies, seduction, and emotions. The sign of Morlock is a golden flame.


Morlock has at times won great followings; both priests and knights have followed his lead, though only amongst the humans and the elves; the giants will not listen and he seems to have a certain dislike for kitlings.


Morlock may grant those offering him proper worship and sacrifice, knowledge and skills of seduction and conceit.


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