'Boot-Jack' Fishstank

Gang leader on the make

Name Josephus “Boot-Jack” Fishstank
High Concept Gang leader on the make
Trouble Wings of Ambition carry you high
Local boy broken bad What matters is who you know
I am no-one’s slave By hook or by crook
By the people for the people
+4 Contacts Fists
+3 Presence Burglary
+2 Stealth Alertness Deceit Rapport
+1 Conviction Investigate Resources Endurance
cost Stunts Effect
-1 Ear To the Ground -2 difficulty to Get the Tip-off
-1 I know Just the Guy +1 to Gather Intel, and get it 1 shift faster
-1 The Big Picture get two aspects from Casing the Joint
-1 The Weight of Reputation use Presence instead of Intimidation when the target knows who I am
-1 Footwork use Fists for Athletics when dodging
-1 Armed Arts May use bootknife, blackjack and knobkerry with Fists instead of Weapons
Refresh 3 Fate 2 Skill pts. 0
Stress 1 2 3 4 Consequences
Physical _ _ _ Mild -2
Mental _ _ _ Moderate -4
Social _ _ _ _ Severe -6
Extreme -8
Weapons rating
Black jack 1
Bootknife 1
Knobkerry 2 a stout, if somewhat obvious, stick


Local Boy Made Good
The Story:
Grew up on the mean streets, studied in the school of hard knocks, graduated summa cum laude from Fuck U

Rising Conflicts

What matters is WHO you know
The Story:
Was mentored and given patronage by an elder member of the Council of Five, but never given privilege or unfair advantage.

First Encounter With the Warped One

I am no-one’s slave
The Story:
After a “chance” meeting with a Mysterious Stranger, a fell voice began to guide me, offered me advice and a path to Power. For a long time I thought my success was thanks to this peculiar patron, but one day I realized it wanted to control me, and I objected – strongly. I struggled against it, and it sought to control me directly – and it seemed about to win, my only escape from this unholy slavery seemed to be self-destruction, but a young man stopped me, before I could act on my intentions.

I knew this young man. Nex Quaestus, from the powerful Merchant House Quaestus. No one knew very much about this young man, but whispers in the shadows in “the city below”, told of him as a mage with strange and uncommon abilities.

“Darkness is trying to overcome you”, Nex said in a firm voice. “I have encountered this darkness before and I can help you stop it! But, you have to accept the magic I’m about to cast upon you.. and it will not be a pleasant experience!” Suicide or dangerous magic? Or was it one of the same?

I accepted Nex’ offer, closed my eyes and hoped for the best. The young mage began his strange chanting and suddenly a force threw me around inside my head. A strange metallic smell overwhelmed me and the hair raised itself on my skin. The chanting became more intense and a scream pierced my brain, leaving my body paralyzed. I dropped to the ground. The scream had stopped and the smell disappeared. Nex helped me on my feet, giving me a smile and a reassuring wink. “The Darkness has left you for now” he said “but next time, we need to be more prepared”.

“You may come out now, my friend,” Nex said, strain apparent in his voice. The drain by the powerful and dark magic was obvious to me.
I opened the door after leaving my vantage point looking out of the eyes of the picture of Ronaldo Quaestus The Elder.
The man Nex had just “cured” looked up at me and my badge of office first with shock, and then with anger.
“You damn traitor, Nex!” he said and got to his feet, drawing a knife swiftly from his sleeve.
“Easy Mr. Fishstank. I am not here as your enemy. I am here to offer you a working relationship. It seems, that we have a common enemy…” I said and held out my hands palms outward to calm the other man.
“How so?” the mobster growled.
“Let’s say, that you’re not the only one who has had…questionable….advice whispered to him…and unlike what we want people to think, even we can’t be everywhere,” I continued.
Fishstank waved his knife in a gesture to continue.
“There have been others like you. Other people who have heard “someone” or “something” suggesting – or cowing – them to do certian things. We’re a group of people who has decided to do something about this. And we would like to have someone like you on our team, rather than have you against us, you see…."
“Why me?” Fishstank growled.
“Because, Mr. Fishstank, you’re the only one we know of so far who’s still alive to tell about it…”

Guest appearance #1

By the people for the people
The Story:
En nat havde Boot-Jack taget et par af sine mest trofaste håndlangere med ud for at belære en af de mere grusomme skattepinere blandt adelen. De sneg sig ind på manden og blev noget overraskede da de opdagede at han havde arrangeret sit eget baghold for den Hellige Edvard der også skyggede den modbydelige karl.
Da Boot-Jack så hvordan Ariels lys kuede adelsmanden, forstod han hvorfra hans lede gerninger stammede. Boot-Jack’s Bande gav den gode ridder ly efter kampen, da den forpestede Adelsmand ellers havde vundet, og sammen planlagde de den onde mands endeligt.

Guest appearance #2

By hook or by crook
The Story:
Normalt tager Boot-Jacks Bande sig vel betalt for at hjælpe andre med at rydde op efter problemer som dem Dr. Manfred og de andre fandt sig bebyrdet med. Denne gang forstår slynglen dog at hans Ækle Rådgiver havde været på spil igen, så han financierer selv oprydningsarbejdet og beder kun om et symbolsk beløb. Istedet deler han sine oplevelser med Den Forkvaklede Guds råd og forfører-magt.

'Boot-Jack' Fishstank

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