The Gods of the Mysteries

These are the gods of strangeness, of magic and of mystery. Three of them there were at first, when darkness and chaos lay upon the world and the Universe was night and emptiness, and the three walked the Earth and preserved the people and all the beings thereof, and they have ever after been revered by all that lives and serves the light.
The three are the gods Uriel, and Rhasa, and the Dark Lady Athara. But the fourth is younger, though her age is not known, and she is the goddess Aliara, Athara’s daughter.

The Great Mysteries are:

  • Creation (no primary deity here, ref. Telmar)
  • Night & natural darkness (void) Althariy Nirconia
  • Death
  • Life
  • Love & Ethics Kallishandra
  • Being & Existence (no primary deity)
  • The Divine & Eternal (no primary deity here)

The Gods

The Gods of the Mysteries

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