Goddess of love and beauty

The goddess of love and beauty is the daughter of Ariel and Estelle, and the mother of the twin gods Telmar and Morlock with Ariel her father.
It is noteworthy that in some places Kallishandra is also known as the Creator of Ethics, and is known to bestow wisdom, temperance and empathy to her followers.


She is the youngest of the Elder Gods and her domains are all affairs of the heart and all the aspects of beauty. She is a great patron of the gentle arts. The aspects of Kallishandra are love, youth, beauty, merriment, disinhibition, and innocence.
Her sign is a fair-haired young girl with a rose.


Like Almaran the goddess is often worshipped through prayers sent to her through the strong wishes of the heart and soul, which sometimes she will hear and answer. She is compassionate and fiery, and has been known to walk amongst humans (and the other races) and love with them.
Though she has no temples in the southern Eldars, sometimes shrines are made for her honour at places of peace and exceptional beauty.
She is sometimes prayed to as the Mother of Ethics, especially in cases where there is doubt of the righteousness of the lord or judge of a matter.


She is worshipped by humans, elves, centaurs, and the giants. There have been times when she have been worshipped by larger priesthoods in temples build for her honour.
She may also reward great love, e.g. aiding some young heart in love. Kallishandra may, specifically after a prayer directed to her from a young lover in pain of soul, bless a person or an alliance. This blessing take the form of the presence of the goddess; a special touch of youth, innocence, love, and sensuality.
In her aspect as Mother of Ethics, she may grant wisdom, temperance and empathy.


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