Lord Ariel

Lord of light, truth and justice

The Lord of Light, Truth, and Justice. He sent his soul to journey the far skies above the dark Earth at the end of the Ages of Chaos, and thus freed the humans and all the Earth from that darkness.
The Lord Ariel is concerned with all matters of truth and justice; he is a great foe to darkness and evil and will seek to combat it whenever it turns his way. He has been the lover of Estelle, and of that union was born the goddess Kallishandra. At a later time he unknowingly lay with his daughter and became the father of the twin gods Telmar and Morlock.
Ariel does not usually meddle in the doings and realms of other deities, and in the affairs of mortals he always uses intermediaries (like the Temple Knights of Ariel and the Soltari knightly order).


The aspects of Ariel are the Sun, light, time, and justice. The sign of Ariel is the blazing sun.


Ariel is worshipped in great temples and, sometimes, atop mountains and other places hallowed and near the Sun. Humans worship him, and elves, though amongst the elves his honour is held the greatest in those cultures known as the High Elven realms. His temples have both priests and temple knights.
In the southern empire there are two main temples, the Temple of Evesdale and the Temple of Rivergate. Alas a cleft has grown between the two, so that now they work for different goals rather than as a union. Though knights and priests of the two temples will help each other at need, there is little love lost between them. The differing policies of the two temples are the more important as the temples of Ariel have always played a strong role in the politics of the area they belong to.
The priests and knights of Ariel advice and direct their nations and are often influential both as political and econom-ical factors. Though the temples do neither own land nor castles, it is not uncommon for priests or temple knights to do so, and their holdings – and gifts and contributions from the people outside the temple organisation – contribute to the economy of the temple.
A central part of the teachings of Ariel is the concept of least force. What this means, is that no more and no less than what is necessary should be done in any situation of judgement and justice. That Light and Justice should merge, and that Law without Compassion is essentially blind.
It is thus a very important creed of the Clerics and Temple Knights of Ariel that any situation of justice, as well as any other situation generally, should always be understood and acted upon with the intention of Light, and that there should be compassion in all judgements made (for as far as possible).
Only in this way may the faith and service of Ariel be kept untainted by the Darkness.
Part of the Teachings of Ariel has its foundation in the Scriptures of Light. This is thought to be a great tome of mysti-cal insight of which transcriptions reside in many temples. However, the earthly recollection of the mystical tome of Ariel is incomplete, for it stems from the tales and visions and insights garnered by many people of great diversity, and the accuracy if not the truth of their various statements may be questioned. The more so, as transcriptions may differ greatly from temple to temple, even at times to the extend where they gainsay each other.
In the Holy Scriptures at the great Temple of Ariel in Rivergate it is recorded:
Truth is a many-hued beauty and Justice a sharply toned sword of more than two facets. Beware, thou who seeketh the True Path of Light: the greater darkness resides within thy own Soul! Thy path towards the Light is a dance. Light is a simple thing indeed, not easily lost and, once lost, easily regained. The Soul is never tainted by the Darkness, but by the Will refusing the Light. What one person covets another may abhor. Seeker! Truth cannot be brought to all in the same form. Truth is the mystical Light of the Soul alone and, like justice, must be a thing personal and to be treasured by you and your love alone. In the same Light, thou must wield truth and justice in thy own way to bring light with thee and dissolve the Darkness.
…Law without Compassion is essentially blind, and defenceless against Corruption.


Those who follow the way of Ariel and who grow strong in their faith and worship of him, are known to have acquired as a special favour of the God of Light the ability to perceive Light and Darkness within their surroundings. And for those who are thus favoured, the God may teach them the Lore of how to aid the Light they may see around them, to strengthen it and help it grow, and even to sow Light where before there was merely Darkness.
The priests (specifically) and also many of the temple knights have great insight into the ways and nature of justice. The priests are also great keepers of the lore of the land.

Lord Ariel

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