God of Strength and Speed and Skill

The God of Strength and Speed and Skill is the twin brother to the god Morlock, son of Kallishandra and Ariel. He is but slight of frame, darkhaired and darkeyed, yet his energy and strength is surpassing indeed and he is much skilled as both a smith and an artisan.
Telmar is a god much revered by the dwarves.
Telmar has worked unceasingly to right the wrongs done to the world by his brother and the forces of darkness, yet he has always been forgiving and would have it that his brother return to the oneness they once shared. But Morlock has ever turned away from the forgiveness of his darker brother.
Telmar keeps much to himself, though sometimes he will appear amongst mortals.


The aspects of Telmar are honesty, work and skill, truth, trust, strength, and speed. The sign of Telmar is a dark man in a loincloth sitting cross-legged on the ground, working with his hands.


Except amongst the dwarves, Telmar has never had priests nor temples; his worship is done by the common people who turn to him in need.


He responds by dreams and advise, and sometimes appears himself before his followers, though his guises are many.
Telmar is the patron god of all artisans and honest working people. His help and advice is simple yet profound, and he grants gifts of insight into the beauty of common work and the creations of the artisan. It is known that a hard working and honest artisan may be taken by great inspiration and produce an object of beauty and skill far surpassing his or her former ability. Though such skill manifests itself only once, such a person is known to have been touched by the Hand of Telmar, and his work will ever after be the better for it.
He has fabricated many items of magic and wonder, giving them to the mortals of this world that they may try to right the wrongs done to them and their lands.


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